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Here are some family photos (Jeff and Nina).



And here are some photos of Vancouver as taken from my apartment near Granville Island.



These are some photos of my condo.



Here are a couple of views of my Philosophy area at Simon Fraser University.



I play very mediocre golf. 



Some people (philosophers, linguists, etc)



Some old photos of Jeff.  Yeah, I know:  no one else likes to look at old photos of oneself.  Nonetheless, more will come as I unearth them.



Photos taken while in Turkey, September-October 2004  [not yet finalized]



Taken at Niagara Falls, May 2005 [not yet finalized]



Taken in Egypt, Spring 2006.  The real reason for going to Egypt was to see a total eclipse of the sun.  The totality line was just inside Libya from Egypt.  We went to the Egypt side of the border (which was a military base) to observe the eclipse.



Taken in Italy, July 2005.



Canada has professional football (football in the sense of American football, but with some different rules).  The yearly championship is the Grey Cup.  In Fall 2005 it was held in Vancouver, with the Edmonton Eskimos vs. the Montreal Alouettes.  Edmonton won.  Some pictures.



A couple of artsy (?) photos.



A weird photo, maybe more will come