• Programming Language:
    C++, Matlab, Python, OpenCV, Dlib, SQL, Swift, VHDL, Assembly Language, HTML/CSS, XML, CakePHP, Express
  • Development Tools:
    Microsoft Visual Studio, Keil uVision, Xcode, Modelsim, Quartus II, Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ, Vivado, Codeblocks
  • Circuit Simulators:
    Eagle 6.5, PSpice, LT-Spice
  • Operating System:
    Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Windows


  • Lab Equipment:
    Oscilloscope, DMM, Function Generator, SPA, LCR bridge
  • Microcontroller:
    ZedBoard, Altera DE2-115


  • Solid background in various data structures, algorithms
  • Deep learning (Tensorflow, Keras)
  • Signal processing (image/video/audio)
  • Agile development, iOS application development, FPGA design, Integrated circuit design
  • Soldering skill
  • Proficient understanding of computer architecture and real time embedded system


Research Assistant
Multimedia Lab, SFU, Sept 2018 - Apr 2020

I joined this lab as a Master student since 2018 and mainly worked on the visually guided beamforming system.

Master thesis: Visually-guided beamforming for a circular microphone array

  • Generated fisheye datasets (Wider-360, and VOC-360) for object detection and segmentation in fisheye images, re-trained two face detectors with transfer learning for FDDB360 and Wider-360 in Matlab with GPU, applied k-fold cross-validation to choose the best model
  • Proposed a new beamformer MVDR-2C, simulated and implemented different beamformers based on a circular microphone array
  • Developed a visually guided beamforming system by combining the 360° camera with a circular microphone array, used beamforming technology to enhance speech from the specific direction while suppressing noise and interference

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Multimedia Lab, SFU, May 2017 - Aug 2018

I started this research assistant position as my second co-op term from Summer 2017. My job initially was dealing with computer vision including facial recognition, and later on I switched to acoustic part. I worked with my professor Ivan Bajic and Rodney Vanghan, and two another PhD students Alejandro Silva and Chris. During the Fall term, professor Bonnie Gray and one more PhD student Elham Ideli involved in our project.

  • Calibrated Raspberry Pi camera with OpenCV, created a real-time facial landmark detection project with Dlib, OpenCV and Python on Mac and Raspberry Pi
  • Recorded audio clips in an acoustic chamber, measured phase shift and magnitude difference among 8 microphones on Matrix Creator, developed small programs on Matrix Creator with Raspberry Pi
  • Derived a fisheye face detection dataset FDDB360 with various image processing skills, including interpolation, extrapolation, inpainting, and radial distortion (mapping standard undistorted images into fisheye images)

Teaching Assistant
SFU, Aug 2018 - Aug 2019

  • Fundamentals of Digital Logic and Design (ENSC252)
  • Multimedia Communications Engineering (ENSC424)
Supervised classes of 30-50 students, provided explicit support and feedback on individual assignments and group projects related to image/video coding, machine learning, and VHDL

Software Test Specialist
IBM, Victoria, B.C., Jan – Apr 2016

  • Created and maintained effective test plans for assigned features, tested client-server applications running over wired and wireless networks on Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS platforms
  • Conducted test reporting and collaborated with Scrum team (testing and development team) to make sure the required test scenarios are covered for product release, and leveraged test results to help improve the existing plan


2018 Spring - Summer

  • Capstone Project: RemoteOB: A Device to Remotely Control Environmental Conditions and Record Real-Time Behavior of Live Cell
  • BrickOut: (Mini arcade game, similar to brick breaker), implemented game logic using C++ and connected VGA on ZedBoard and monitor using VHDL

2017 Summer

  • SFU Trade
    A shopping website using Express.js, CakePHP and MongoDB

2016 Summer

  • Microcontroller Interfacing and Assembly Language
  • Design and Build an Active Filter
  • Integrated Circuit Analyze and Design

2015 Fall

  • iOS Application Develop: PhysioGuide
  • Die Assembly: Soldering Practice
    Use touch-sensor to get standard die value pattern
  • C++ Project: VHDL syntax checker
    Text Parser & Tokenizer

2014 Summer

  • Individual Research of Cellphone Tracking System
  • Building Model Car With Solar Panels


Cashier, International News, Brentwood Town Center, Burnaby, B.C.
May – Oct 2015

  • Ensured customers’ satisfaction and dealt with all the complaints by providing them with high quality services to build strong relationships and connections
  • Assisted customers with their purchases with great patience to promote the products and enhance the reputation of the store

Peer Educator, FIC, Burnaby, B.C.
Jan – Sept 2015

  • Helped students in FIC with subjects like calculus, physics, python and C++ language, Micro-economy and other engineering courses by spending time studying with them to solve and explain questions
  • Taught students by explaining theorems and providing several sample exercises to develop their logical thought in mathematics and improve their letter grades



Master of Applied Science in Engineering Science (MASc), Sept 2018 - Apr 2020

Bachelor of Applied Science (with Distinction) (BASc), Simon Fraser University, Jan 2015 - Aug 2018

  • Simon Fraser University
  • Major in Computer Engineering, CGPA of 3.80

University Transfer Program (Stage II) in Engineering Science, May – Dec 2014

  • Fraser International College, GPA of 4.059


  • Graduate Fellowship
  • VP Research - Undergraduate Student Research Award
  • SFU Undergraduate Open Scholarship
  • SFU FAS PresentSFU International Summit Entrance Scholarship’s Honor Roll
  • SFU FAS President's & Dean’s Honor Roll
  • SFU International Summit Entrance Scholarship
  • FIC Honor Roll Student

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