Open-Access Clicker Question Bank for Numerical Analysis

This open educational resource (OER) is a bank of over 250 multiple-choice and true-false questions that explores the material taught in a typical introductory undergraduate course in numerical analysis. The questions are typeset in LaTeX and are intended for classroom use with clickers (also known as student response systems) where students use a hand-held clicker remote or smartphone to submit their responses to questions. The project is described in the following paper which also serves as a "how-to guide":

M.A. Hossain, P.M. Menz and J.M. Stockie, "An open-access clicker question bank for numerical analysis," PRIMUS, 2021.    [ DOI | preprint ]

The complete clicker question bank, including all LaTeX source, images and supporting files can be downloaded from one of two archive files below:

For a quick look at the main components of the question bank, you can view the individual files below:

This project was funded by an SFU OER grant and an NSERC Discovery Grant. The question bank is provided under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license as described below. This can be considered as "Version 1" of the question bank and we will post updated versions here as more questions are added. Please feel free to use and modify this resource for your own teaching purposes.

If you have any comments, corrections, personal experiences, or additions to the question bank, then PLEASE write to us about it!!

This teaching resource (including LaTeX source, graphical images and Matlab code) is made available under the Creative Commons "CC BY-NC-SA" license. This license allows anyone to reuse, revise, remix and redistribute the databank of clicker questions provided that it is not for commercial purposes and that appropriate credit is given to the original authors. For more information, visit

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