Institut für die Späte Altzeit   

The ultimate origins of the Institut für die Späte Altzeit are obscure, although the terms it still uses to mean research (ransaka, whence the English "ransack") and annual meeting (khuraldai) point towards medieval Sweden and Mongolia, respectively. Its modern history began in 2013, when it was repurposed on the Helms Crag fell as a scholarly association for the promotion of research that defies the assumptions and agendas of Western modernity.

Regular membership is open to all thinkers ready to move beyond Western modernity. Although there is no fee, there is a statement of belief to which members are asked to accede. To join, send a short email of introduction, including the statement "I do not assume the Unbelieved do not exist" to isaz_info at sfu dot ca.

Recent publications by members which support the ISAZ perspective include:
Luke Clossey, Kyle Jackson, Brandon Marriott, Andrew Redden, and Karin Vélez, "The Unbelieved and the Historians, Part I: A Challenge," History Compass, 14 (2016): 594-602 "Part II: Proposals and Solutions," History Compass, 15 (2017)"
Andrew Redden and Kyle Jackson, "Gods, Spirits, People," in Using Primary Sources, ed. Jon Hogg and Laura Balderstone (Liverpool: Liverpool UP, 2016).
Andrew Redden, The Collapse of Time. The Martyrdom of Diego Ortiz (1571) by Antonio de la Calancha [1638] Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016.
Luke Clossey, "The Geographies and Methodologies of Religion in the Journal of Early Modern History," Journal of Early Modern History 20 (2016): 545-558.

Recent and upcoming meetings include:
2013 Helms Crag, England
2015 Gibsons, British Columbia
2017 Burnaby, British Columbia
Members will be notified of upcoming meetings.
Security situations in host locations require that some of our meetings be strictly virtual, whereby using various technologies papers and comments are distributed in written, audio, or video formats. This green alternative allows wider geographical participation and thus promotes ISAZ's goals to get beyond the modern and the Western.

Andrew Redden (U. of Liverpool)
Karin Vélez (Macalester College)
Brandon Marriott (ISAZ Fellow)
Kyle Jackson (Kwantlen Polytechnic U.)
Luke Clossey (Simon Fraser U.) (acting director)

isaz_info at sfu dot ca