Simon Fraser University


            Hist 130         Modern World History

            Hist 254         China to 1800: The Middle Kingdom in Global Perspective

            Hist 300         Approaches to History: The World Historian's Craft

            Hist 388         Christianity and Globalization

            Hist 468         Problems in the History of Religion: Global Jesus

            Hist 472         Problems in World History: The Early-Modern World

            Hist 489         Studies in History (Directed Readings)

            Hist 812         Comparative History: The Early-Modern World

            Hist 892         Religion and Society: Early-Modern Religion


SFU is a superb place to study (and to teach) world history. HIST 130 Modern World History introduces the subject and serves as a gateway to the more than one hundred courses the department offers, including almost two dozen that are global or comparative. Advanced seminars such as HIST 468 and HIST 472 offer capstone experiences that build on your years of history study to facilitate major research projects. Undergraduates interested in the wider world are encouraged to learn an exotic language, have adventures abroad, and join the World History Association. Keen students should contact me about directed readings courses, on early-modern Catholicism, mathematics, Buddhism, history pedagogy, comparative philosophy, and religion & empire in early-modern India. I've sponsored readings groups in Latin and Classical Arabic, and would also be interested in working with students on Literary Chinese or Pali.


I have supervised and cheerleadered graduate work on Christianity in early-modern Europe, America, China, and the Middle East. Each year I offer graduate courses in world history and the history of religion, and I am eager to supervise well-prepared students interested in religion and early-modern world history. With Derryl MacLean, Hilmar Pabel, Emily O'Brien, and John Craig, SFU is one of the best places in Canada to study early-modern religion at an advanced level.



University of California, Berkeley

            Survey of World History, Spring 2004

            Early-Modern World History Seminar, Fall 2003

            Practice and Theory of Teaching History Graduate Seminar, Fall 2003, with Rachel Chico

Mathematics in the Early-Modern World Seminar, Spring 2003, with Joseph Flenner

            History of Alchemy, Spring 1997, with Nancy Lai

            European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present, Fall 1999, Spring 2000


San Quentin State Prison

            Ancient World History, Summer 2003