5th Syracuse-Cornell Theory Meeting
(Including the Buffalo-Case-Cornell-Syracuse HEP/Cosmology workshop)


  • From Buffalo: Take I-90 east, then I-690 east, then I-81 South. From I-81 take exit 18.
  • From Ithaca: Take Route 13 North, then I-81 North. From I-81 take exit 18 (you might save 10 min by taking Route 13 North from Ithaca, then taking Route 281 North just before Cortland, which again gets you to I-81 North).

    From I-81 exit 18 follow directions to the VIP parking lot and the Physics Department. Tell the guard that you have a reservation at the  VIP lot made by the Physics Department for attending the Cornell-Syracuse Theory (COSY) meeting. If there are problems call our department office at 315 443-3901.
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