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This page contains animations showing two types of interactions between SU(5) domain
walls and magnetic monopoles.

In the interaction of the first type the monopoles are swept by the domain walls which have
the full SU(5) symmetry restored in their core. Such walls are known as kinks. You can view
the animated evolution of the potential energy density of the monopole plus domain wall
configuration as well as the magnetic energy density.  In this simulation the wall is moving
with a velocity of 0.8c. For a more detailed description and other results  please refer to the paper.

As we have shown in our paper  the kink formed during the SU(5) xZ2-> SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1)
symmetry breaking is always unstable. Instead, a different kind of domain walls must form, with the
symmetry inside the core being less than that of the vacuum. The interaction of such a wall with a magnetic
monopole would depend on the particular embedding of the monopole in SU(5) as well as its relative
orientation  in the internal space.  Here we present a situation when the monopole passes through the wall.
You can see the evolution of the  potential energy density and the magnetic energy density.

 If you have questions about the animations or the papers e-mail Levon Pogosian or Tanmay Vachaspati

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