5th Syracuse-Cornell Theory Meeting
(Including the Buffalo-Case-Cornell-Syracuse HEP/Cosmology workshop)






Brian Powell *
The Lyth Bound and Inflation as an Effective Field Theory

Konstantinos Tzirakis
Sourish Dutta *
A Classical Treatment of Island Cosmology

Francesc Ferrer *
511 KeV photons from superconducting cosmic strings

Irit Maor

Dejan Stojkovic*
Can black hole events from cosmic rays be observed at the Auger Observatory?

Tanmay Vachaspati
Csaba Csaki

Hassan Firouzhjahi

Eanna Flanagan

Girma Hailu

Tanja Hinderer *
Gravitational waves

Louis Leblond

Seung Lee *
The flavor of a little Higgs with T-parity

Patrick Meade

Andrew Noble *
Electroweak Precision Constraints on the Littlest Higgs Model with T Parity

Seung-Chan Park *
Fully radiative electroweak symmetry breaking

Gil Paz

Maxim Perelstein

Matthew Reece *
Top partners at the LHC: mass and spin measurement

Sarah Shandera *

Brane inflation update

Ben Shlaer

Christian Spethman

Fumihiro Takayama

Henry Tye (late arrival)

Ali Vanderveld *
Observational constraints on the matter couplings of K-essence theories

Mark Wyman *
Modeling (p,q) strings with a gauge theory
Maqbool Ahmed

Earnest Akofor

Christian Armendariz-Picon


Simon Catterall *
Twisted lattice supersymmetry

Nicolas Chatillon

Sofiane Ghadab

Joshua Goldberg

Renata Jora *
Linear sigma model with two chiral nonets

Anosh Joseph

Cosmin Macesanu

Alexandr Pinzul

Levon Pogosian

Babar A Qureshi *
Twist deformed supersymmetry

Carl Rosenzweig

Joseph Schechter

Joe Schneible

Alessandra Silvestri *
Large Scale Structure formation in Modified-Source Gravity

Mark Trodden

Eric West
* is giving a talk

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