5th Syracuse-Cornell Theory Meeting
(Including the Buffalo-Case-Cornell-Syracuse HEP/Cosmology workshop)


We ask you to register by sending an e-mail to levon.pogosian<at>physics.syr.edu by November 21 with the following information:

1.  Your name and status (student, postdoc or faculty)

2.  Are you driving yourself? (to reserve parking)

3.  What dietary restrictions do you have?

4.  The earliest time you can arrive to Syracuse.

5.  Would you like to give a short talk?

If you want to give a talk:

5(a) Describe in a sentences or two what the talk is going to be about

5(b) The format of the talk (computer, overhead or blackboard. Blackboard talks are preferred)

5(c) The least amount of time you need to communicate the main idea in a manner understandable by most people in the audience.
Note that people can ask you for details later -- the main point of this meeting is to exchange ideas.

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