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Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

You will find all your course administration documents, lecture notes, sample exams and study questions on Canvas. The link is in the right column. My work related interests are discussed below.

Physical Conditioning, Fitness Testing & Nutrition

I teach BPK 143 (Exercise: Health and Performance) which teaches basic exercise physiology and the design of physical conditioning programs. I am also the course author and supervisor for the correspondence version of this course. The follow-on course from BPK 143 is another course I often teach (BPK 343) which deals with assessing fitness, health counselling and design of fitness programs. I also co-developed a correspondence version of this course (BPK 342). I teach BPK 140 (Contemporary Health Issues). In addition to physiologic conditioning, I am interested in nutrition and the amazingly poor science, and hence poor information, that pervades the discipline. If you are interested in athletic conditioning and nutrition these pages contain links to good websites.


I teach our core biomechanics course (BPK 201) and used to teach a now-deleted course BPK 380 (Occupational Biomechanics). I worked full-time as an Ergonomic Consultant for two years and then for many years doing some part-time contract work and some applied research. Currently I focus on fitness and sports biomechanics and skilled movement analysis.

Additional Interests

I have an interest (passion!) for sports and athletic conditioning. I am a Soccer B-National Licensed coach, a professional member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a CrossFit certified trainer. I was originally trained as a Physical Education teacher and have numerous coaching qualifications in swimming, lifesaving, squash and basketball. Currently I am Head Coach of my local district select soccer program (plus I coach my daughter's soccer team). I have taught soccer clinics for B.C. Soccer and have been a National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP) course conductor. If you are interested in NCCP certifications there is a link to the Coaching Association of Canada on this page.