Constitution of the Life Drawing Cartel

I. Purposes and Aims

  1. The Life Drawing Cartel is a student-run life-drawing club sponsored by the Simon Fraser Student Society. The mission of the Cartel focuses on improving life-drawing skills in a fun and relaxed drawing environment. The Cartel provides open studio figure drawing classes lasting two hours, excursions, colloquia on relevant themes, and a semester-end gallery showcase.

II. Membership

  1. Membership is open to all SFU students in good standing with the Simon Fraser Student Society. The membership fee is two (2) dollars per semester.
  2. Membership is also open to other persons, including staff, faculty, alumni, and community members of SFU, with a membership fee of five (5) dollars per semester.
  3. A member may be expelled from the club by a vote of at least 2/3 quorum. The duration of the penalty must be determined before the expulsion vote is conducted. An expelled member has the right to appeal, and may rejoin the club if 2/3 quorum vote to permit this.

III. Executive

  1. The Executive shall be constituted of a President and a Scribe/Treasurer; or a President, a Scribe, and a Treasurer.
  2. All members of the Executive must be student members of the club.
  3. All members of the Executive shall be voted into their positions via an election or by-election. For single nomination purposes, a yes/no vote shall be held. No member can be appointed to an Executive position unless the appointment is less than a month in duration.
  4. Responsibilities of the Executive members are as follows:
    1. President: shall conduct all Executive or general meetings; is ex-officio member of all committees within the club; is responsible for promoting the club to the campus community; is responsible for the engagement of models and instructors for life-drawing workshops.
    2. Scribe: shall record minutes of all meetings; is responsible for club correspondence.
    3. Treasurer: keeps a record of allocation of club funds; periodically checks and updates the club asset list; shall give an account of the club's financial standing and make the record books open to the club or to the SFSS if requested to do so.
  5. Any Executive member can be impeached by a vote of at least 2/3 quorum. Reinstating a member can be done by a similar vote.

IV. Meetings

  1. A quorum of at least 50% + 1 member of the total membership, or one Executive member and 10% of the total membership, is required for an official meeting.
  2. Quorum for the Life Drawing Cartel is __ or, with a member of the Executive, __.
  3. At least two official meetings must be called per semester.
  4. Notice of a meeting shall be given the previous meeting, or be advertised in any of the Peak, the Club Notice Boards, the campus televisions, email, or by use of posters or banners.
  5. Minutes shall be recorded for all meetings.

V. Elections and by-elections

  1. An election will be held at least once per year.
  2. The results of any election must be forwarded to the SFSS in order to secure continued funding.
  3. The club's elections will take place during the first meeting of each semester.
  4. Executive positions can be held by any member of the club.
  5. Votes may be cast by secret ballot or by a simple show of hands. Majority vote wins. In the case of a tie, the chair casts the deciding vote, or the member with the least votes drops out and votes are recast.
  6. If for any reason an Executive position becomes vacant, a by-election for that position will be held. This is not required if less than one month is left before the next scheduled election; instead, a member may be appointed to the position by the Executive.

VI. Amendments

  1. Notice of the proposed amendments to this constitution must be given at the meeting prior to the one in which they are to be discussed.
  2. Amendments to the constitution require a vote of 2/3 quorum.

VII. Dissolution

  1. This club will be dissolved if a vote of 2/3 quorum votes to do so, or if club attendance falls below SFSS standards.
  2. In the event of the club's dissolution, all club assets become property of the SFSS.

VIII. Special Club Policies

  1. Membership in the Life Drawing Cartel entitles an individual to two-hour life-drawing sessions at a cost of four (4) dollars; non-members pay six (6) dollars per two-hour session. Members may also purchase a drawing pass for the cost of forty (40) dollars per semester. A drawing pass allows for free admittance to all life-drawing sessions offered by the Life Drawing Cartel.
  2. Figure models engaged to pose for life-drawing sessions shall be remunerated at a rate of fifteen (15) dollars per hour.


This constitution has been ratified by the required vote as of: ___________________________

President: ___________________________

Scribe: ___________________________