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  1. Professor Emeritus Anthony Arrott

    Department of Physics, SFU

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  2. Tesla and Edison according to Henry Ford

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    My talk starts with the story that was told by Henry Ford to my friend Max Irland about an episode in 1885 of Nikola Tesla with Tom Edison. It ends with 1895 when Tesla, at the height of his achievements and fame, loses everything in a disastrous fire. While rebuilding his laboratory he finds scientific shelter in Edison's old laboratory. Tesla, in ten years that he changed the world, is described in the sources of that time. An epilogue is Tesla today as folk and Serbian national hero and as inspiration for biographies, novels, movies, opera, dance, science fiction and a fancy automobile. Throughout the 20th Century engineering marvels have been reported that reference Tesla's imagination. There was ever only one Tesla. He sparkled like no one before or since.

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    Dr. Arrott's research is in the field of ferro- and antiferromagnetism, particularly in iron and chromium and their associated alloys. This research has application to memory materials such as those used in computers. Other interests include: engineering metals; new phases of transition elements; magnetism; molecular beam epitaxy; ultrathin magnetic films, iron whiskers and fine particles.

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