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  1. Professor Emeritus Konrad Reichert

    ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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  2. Permanent-magnet machines, trends, problems and simplified simulation by fe-methods

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    Our electric power system is based on electric machines for generation (99.9 %), 3 - phase ac - transmission systems, transformation: ac/ac-transformers, ac/dc- or dc/ac-converters, electric machines for energy conversion (>60 %) as invented by Nikola Tesla. In recent years the capabilities of electric machines has been extended due to the progress in: permanent magnet materials, power electronics, and control technology resulting in new electric machines with, high efficiency, high torque, low or high speed, high performance and controllability, low maintenance, and high reliability especially suited for direct drives applications in: computers, manufacturing, transportation, appliances, etc.

    Design problems of PM machines such as: load torque, pulsation and cogging minimization, operating parameters, losses in permanent magnets and iron, identification of Ld-Lq-models for simulation and simulation of magnetisation and demagnetization is being solved today by finite element methods. The presentation gives details on an improved method to solve these problems.

  3. Biosketch

    Dr. Konrad Reichert has made seminal contributions to the introduction of numerical field methods, especially the finite element method for electrical machine stimulation and design. He also developed computer programs based on systems analysis and numerical field calculation methods that advanced new motor technologies.

    The finite element design packages for electrical machines developed by him and his staff at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) made it easier to develop machines via computer-aided design. They enabled simulations to define machine operating characteristics and parameters such as voltages, inductances, demagnetization limits, local loss distribution and torque and torque ripple. His programs are used extensively today in commercial and scientific applications in electrical machine design, permanent magnetic manufacturing and university research worldwide.

    His expertise has been critical to the design of large permanent magnetic machines, such as gearless permanent magnet generators in windmill applications.

    He was the recipient of the 2006 IEEE Nikola Tesla Award.

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