Stat 330 Assignment 9

From text (3rd ed in parentheses): Chapter 11, Q 4(4), 6(6), 14(13), 16(14), 48(42), 50(44).

SAS example: it may be useful for this assignment to be able to incorporate the data into the SAS program. Here is SAS code (from the SAS help pages) which does not read data from a file:

data wghtclub;
  input id 1-4 name $ 6-24 team $ strtw endw;
1023 David Shaw         red 189 165
1049 Amelia Serrano     yellow 145 124
1219 Alan Nance         red 210 192
1246 Ravi Sinha         yellow 194 177
1078 Ashley McKnight    red 127 118
Notice that the data are between a line cards; and a line run;. The code also illustrates reading fixed format data; the variable name is a character variable which will be filled by whatever is in columns 6 through 24 of the data file. This permits the names to contain blanks such as those between first and last names.

DUE: Wednesday 11 March

Richard Lockhart
Fri Mar 27 14:13:08 PST 1998