STAT 410 96-2 Assignment 9

  1. For the Stat Village data use both ratio and regression estimates for total employment income with the following information. For the first stratum (first four large rows) the total household government income is $640828. For the second stratum it is $2007925 and for the third stratum it is $2379962 Use plots and variance calculations to decide which estimate seems most sensible. Use proportional allocation and a total sample size of 36. I want estimates and standard errors.

  2. Do the same to estimate total household income using the fact that the total number of persons earning employment income in the village is 1728.

  3. Also 7.7 held over from last week.

  4. 8.1 (Formula 5.32 may be useful.)

  5. 8.2

  6. 8.3

DUE: Monday, 22 July