Mathematical Statistics

Instructor: Richard A. Lockhart e-mail:
Office: TLX 10561        Phone: 291-3264
Web Site:

Text: The lectures will not follow a text. Most texts in the library with names like Theory of Statistics or Mathematical Statistics are relevant.

Course structure: There will be 4 hours per week of lectures, assignments and a final exam.

Web materials: In the frame at the left there are: Course notes in either postscript or pdf format; Course slides in either postscript or pdf format; and html versions of the lecture notes. The assignments are on the web. Sometimes I may produce solution sets. The old solution sets have now been concealed. I am changing the problems slightly but many of the old problems will still be there. Naturally I don't want you referring to old solutions to get answers.

Computing requirements: Students will be required to do graphing and programming in S and possibly Maple. THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR STATISTICIANS WHO CAN'T DO THE COMPUTING.

Grading: Assignments 60%, and Final 40%.

Privacy Policy: The Stat and Act Sci department has a policy on privacy under which students who desire so may have their homework returned in some private way; if you are such a student you should speak to me immediately.

Assignments: The assignments in this course are hard and important. Many of the problems have a point -- you are supposed to learn about regularity conditions for theorems or about the scope of some theory or about what the theory does not say. I hope you will try to think about why I ask the questions I ask.

Richard Lockhart