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Slides for talks given at July 2010 workshop at BIRS

Louis Lyons: introductory talk

Tom Loredo: introductory talk

Richard Lockhart: introductory talk


Jon Pumplin: parton distribution functions (updated 1:30 Tuesday)

Robert Thorne: parton distribution functions

Jim Linnemann: Significance in the on-off problem

Kyle Cranmer: Taking off from on-off

Bill Murray: CL_s

Tom Junk: Discovery

Elliott Bloom: Wilk's Theorem

Michael Woodroofe: Monte Carlo for extremes

Bob Cousins: Jeffreys-Lindley

Paul Sommers: Discovery

Henrique Araujo: Search for WIMPs


Wade Fisher via Tom Junk: Banff Challenge 2

Tom Junk: Banff Challenge 2

Jeff Scargle: Banff Challenge 2

Chad Schafer: Banff Challenge 2

Glen Cowan: Profile Likelihood

Eilam Gross: Look Elsewhere Effect

Ofer Vitells: Banff Challenge 2


Jim Linnemann: Look Elsewhere Effect (updated Thursday 11 AM)

Tom Loredo: Profile or Marginalised Likelihood?

David van Dyk: Upper Limits

Jim Berger: Model selection

Harrison Prosper: Reference Priors

Jeff Scargle: Bayesian Blocks

Steffen Lauritzen: Random Effects modes for the Parton DF fits

David van Dyk: Summary Talk -- Statistics

Roberto Trotta: Summary Talk -- Astrophysics

Luc Demortier: Summary Talk -- Particle Physics

Jim Linnemann: Combining estimates


Wolfgang Rolke: Goodness-of-fit for Sparse Multivariate Data

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