Volunteer Opportunities for Research Assistants (RAs)

For the Sleep Onset and Cognitive Treatments for Insomnia Research Project

A research project of Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin.

The objective of this project is to develop, assess and compare cognitive treatments for insomnia using technology. The broader objective is to demonstrate the practical pertinence of rigorous information processing theories in psychology/cognitive science to addressing problems of cognitive productivity and overall well-being.

Project description: Dr. Beaudoin is looking for volunteer research assistants (RA’s) to assist with a project on (a) cognitive treatments for insomnia and (b) sleep onset mechanisms. We are focusing on the “cognitive shuffle”/serial diverse imagining (SDI). Studies involve a research version of mySleepButton®, an iPhone, iPad and Android app developed by CogSci Apps Corp., of which Dr. Beaudoin is a co-founder. The derived app enables researchers to compare the effectiveness of serial diverse imagining/ the cognitive shuffle with other cognitive treatments such as cognitive refocusing and cognitive restructuring.

Duties: RA responsibilities may include, but are not necessarily limited to, writing/editing documents, classifying treatment content, analyzing data, and coordinating with researchers at multiple universities. This casual/flexible role requires 10 hours per week or less.

Qualifications of applicants:

Compensation: Volunteer. (Possibility of financial compensation depending on funding.)

Other Institutions. This project also involves CogSci Apps Corp. of which the Investigator is a founder. It also involves several other universities (in Canada and US).

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