My research focuses on expectations and decision making in macroeconomic environments. I enjoy developing creative ways of implementing macroeconomies in controlled laboratory experiments to study policy relevant questions.

My recent work investigates the ability of monetary policy and central bank communication to stabilize expectations and markets.

Working Papers

“Economic Stability and Rationing Rules”, with Guidon Fenig    pdf

“Expectations and Monetary Policy: Experimental Evidence”                 with Oleksiy Kryvtsov.     pdf  ,  appendix 

“Asset Trading and Monetary Policy in Production Economies” 

with Guidon Fenig and Mariya Mileva.   pdfappendix 

“Escaping Expectations-Driven Liquidity Traps: Experimental Evidence” with Jasmina Arifovic.  (available upon request)


[2014] “Does Money Illusion Matter: Comment”

with Abel Winn. American Economic Review pdfappendix    published version

[2014] “Recent Developments in Experimental Macroeconomics” with Robert Amano and Oleksiy Kryvtsov. Bank of Canada Reviewpdf

[2014] “Forecast Error Information and Heterogeneous Expectations in Learning to Forecast Macroeconomic Experiments”, in “Experiments in Macroeconomics”, Vol. 17, Research in Experimental Economics. pdf

Work in Progress

“How Robust are Forecasting Heuristics?: Evidence from Learning-to-Forecast Experiments”

“Sunspots in Asset Markets” with Jess Benhabib and Rosemarie Nagel

“Asset Markets in General Equilibrium” with Taylor Jaworski and Erik Kimbrough

“Consumption Smoothing and Monetary Policy” with Johann Scharler and Martin Greiger

“Rating Agencies” with Jeanpaul Rabanal and Olya Rabanal

“Expectations and Decisions in Laboratory New Keynesian Economies”



Scheduled Seminars and Conferences

Economic Science Association North American Meetings: Fort Lauderdale, October 16-18, 2014

Workshop on “Experiments in Monetary Policy”, Lyon,

November 5-6, 2014

American Economic Association Meetings: Boston,

January 3-5, 2015

Luba Petersen