Lyn Bartram

Research Themes

Selected publications ( (Here is my Full CV)

Visual Analytics Goes Mainstream

This work targets the design and evaluation of visual analytics techniques and services that encourage and support people in more data-based thinking. Beyond the traditional domain of the dedicated data analyst, this research and practice seeks to address the emerging needs of the big-data society using interactive visual analytics as the medium of communication and decision-making throughout and across different disciplines, levels of expertise and professional responsibility. The emerging research area of Personal Visual Analytics (PVA) explores the challenges of making data and visualization more accessible and more useful to those who are not experts in data analysis.

Affective Visualization and Computational Aesthetics

This work is concerned with a principled investigation of how affective qualities and impressions can be designed to express meaning (affect) as well as represent data (information) in visualization and visual analytics. We empirically and analytically investigate how approaches from the design and artistic disciplines can be computationally modeled for improving expressivity, the balance of visual elements and the semantic richness in dynamic visualizations to enhance both data storytelling, engagement and problem solving in visual analytics.   

HUman-Centred Systems for Sustainability

This research program focuses in designing information interfaces and environments for encouraging sustainable living. This work exemplifies research in practice. We began with a multi-university project to build a next-generation alternative energy house and have extended it to an extensive collaborative endeavour with multiple levels of government, academia, industry and non-profit involvement.  We have spent several years building a system and the two houses in which we have deployed it, both of which were high profile installations and showcases.  This research brings the area of personal visual analytics and situated interaction design to the extended community of the built environment (engineers, architects, urban planners and energy modelers are inclueded in our collaborations. ) Many of our projects can be seen at and



* denotes a student)


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