Layered metals
with Ross McKenzie (UQ) and Nigel Hussey (Bristol)

Many of the most interesting and technologically important electronic materials discovered in the past two decades have two common features: a layered crystal structure and strong interactions between electrons. Two of the most fundamental questions about such layered metals concern the origin of intralayer anisotropies and the coherence of interlayer charge transport. I have worked on understanding how angle dependent magnetoresistance oscillations (AMRO) are sensitive to anisotropies around an intralayer Fermi surface. We were able to use some of this work to extract the anisotropy of the scattering around the Fermi surface in an overdoped cuprate. However, AMRO are not very sensitive to the coherence of the interlayer transport.

"Sensitivity of the interlayer magnetoresistance of layered metals to intralayer anisotropies",
Malcolm P. Kennett and Ross H. McKenzie, Phys. Rev. B 76, 054515 (2007). cond-mat/0610191.  

"Anisotropic Scattering and Anomalous Transport in a High Temperature Superconductor",
M. Abdel-Jawad, M. P. Kennett, L. Balicas, A. Carrington, A. P. Mackenzie, R. H. McKenzie, and N. E. Hussey, Nature Physics 2, 821 (2006). cond-mat/0609763.  

[For a discussion of the significance of this result, see the Nature Physics News and Views article by Louis Taillefer]

Last modified: 19th October, 2006

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