Department of Psychology Simon Fraser University 8888 University Drive Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6 Office: RCB 4202 Tel. 778-782-5685 Fax. (604) 291-3427 E-mail: From the border region, wherein make contact, empirical problem and research methodology, there arise [with a regularity, staggering] confusions, incoherences, and unacknowledged presuppositions; these latter (which can be of a form, conceptual, theoretical, mathematical, among others), often begarbed in the bewitching apparel of full-blown mythology. Frequently undermines empirical science, it does, the presence of such nonsense. The chief aim inherent to my area, Theory and Methods, is to detect and dissolve science undermining nonsense. It being logical work, in so doing, I employ the tools of mathematics and analytical philosophy.