Part 1: The Central Account

II Latent variable models
III The central account
IV The indeterminacy property of linear factor representations
V The indeterminacy debate

Table of Contents

Statistical symbols and convention

Part 2: The Central Account is Mythology

VI Introduction
VII The myth of the latent variable model as detector
VIII The myth of unobservability 211
IX Latent variable interpretation and the deeper problem
X The myth that latent variable models are models
XI Rebuttals and comments
XII The roots of the central account
XIII Three case studies

Part 3: Replacement Variate Generators

XIV Introduction
XV Logic of replacement variate generators
XVI A survey of replacement variate generators
The following are the chapters of the unpublished manuscript: Maraun, M. D. (2003) Myths and confusions: Psychometrics and the latent variable model They are the intellectual property of the author, M.D. Maraun.