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What is TrailMix?

The only app you will need to make outdoor adventure planning frictionless and to maximize your safety and preparedness out on the trails.


Coordinate your trip plans with friends by sharing trail maps, gear, and much more


Explore a wide range of trails rated based on difficulty and length - you’ll be sure to find the perfect route


Make trail navigation a no-brainer with the help of trail tags and discover all must-see spots


The only resource you’ll need to prepare for all outdoor adventures and every terrain BC has to offer

organizing together

Whether you are planning a roadtrip with the crew, a local forest hike with your dog, or an overnight backpacking trip, TrailMix lets you plan out all the trails, rain gear, and carabiners you might need to make your adventure safe and informed.

Invite friends to collaborate on outdoor plans and coordinate equipment everyone will pack

Save and auto-download trails for on-the-go access

Stay organized and safe with meeting points and other plan notes

discovering gems

Discover local trails near you and the most iconic scenery in the province through the trails page, where recommendations can be filtered by distance, rating, difficulty, and common activities to find the perfect next adventure for you.

Find out trail conditions, level of difficulty, upcoming weather, and activities other hikers often complete on the trail

Save trails to favourites or start creating the next plan

Saving a trail in any way will automatically download the trail description, navigation, and the tagged map onto your device

navigating with ease

Never miss a picturesque view or lose track of your trail with the help of trailhead, trail marker, and viewpoint tags that will show and tell you exactly the spots and the twigs to look out for on your path.

Save maps to your favourites and plans

Find your way through informative tags, even when GPS and cell reception are not an option

Add your own viewpoints and trail markings to help others in the outdoor community find the right way

learning more

Stay curious and explore new terrains and activities you can do in the great outdoors with the help of professionally sourced articles that will give you all the tips, tricks, methods, and equipment necessities you'll need to tackle any challenge.

The only resource you will need to learn the basics or to level up in an adventuring activity

Save your favourite articles for later or add the gear list suggestions directly into your plans

Search or filter articles by your experience level, activity type, terrain, weather, and more, to learn exactly what you need to prepare for


"It's f***ing dope, I would use the sh*t out of that app!"

"Helped me a ton when my GPS disappeared in the woods and the trail kept forking. Can't quite find anything like it!"

"Very clean design, and a nice idea to use in the summer when I hike most"

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Coordinate Plans

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So many adventures are looking forward to the launch of this visual-driven navigation, planning, and exploration tool! We're quivering in anticipation to make this vision come to life and help you, your friends, and your mom stay safe and curious in amazing British Columbia!