Date Duration (min) Distance (km) Weather Maintenance Notes
01/21/2001 35.00 9.50 Light rain
Dropped by Urban Cycles to ask about front brake pad squeal. They explained that my brakes' toe-in needed to be adjusted. Also tested new fenders for the first time. They work great. Took Oxeze bronchodilotor and it worked great too.
01/25/2001 7.80 1.10 Clear Brakes - Front - Adjustment Just testing adjustments to brakes. Also tested my new MEC frame bag - totally excellent.
01/27/2001 27.50 6.90 Overcast
Biked north of Hastings, from Cassiar to Gilmore. Hilly.
01/28/2001 24.90 9.20 Overcast
Went as far south as the DSRF. Rode west and then east on Broadway - not too difficult. Came north on Renfrew to Adanac and then home.
02/03/2001 53.10 15.30 Clear
Down to Renfrew, east on Dundas, got onto Kaslo and then Seaside bp, ended up downtown, then back on Dundas. Seaside offers a really nice view of Vancouver Harbour.
02/10/2001 24.00 6.10 Overcast Lubed deraileurs Went east of Boundary on Napier, then west and over the ped overpass. East on Adanac and up the hill on Union, back down and up the hill again. It's a good, low traffic hill for climbing.