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Mostafa Nazari is a PhD student in English Language Teaching and does research in language studies at Simon Fraser University, BC – Canada.

-          His main areas of research interest are “Curriculum Development”, “English Language Teaching”, and “Technology in the Classroom”.

-          He has developed and taught various EGP (General English) , EAP (academic English) and ESP (tourism and business English) courses.

-          His PhD dissertation is on developing a digital game to teach English to adult ESL immigrants in Vancouver.

-          The recent project he is leading, is a unique course on the IELTS exam called “Slice the IELTS” for immigrants with intermediate language level. 


Raheb Zohrefard holds a master’s degree in English language from UBC. He has published potential books on the IELTS exam and is one of the successful instructors at ILAC Vancouver.             


 Slice the IELTS”.

 This course starts offering IELTS tests from short to long and easy to difficult formats as students continue with the course. For example, in the reading section students practice reading shorter passages (extracted from 18 IELTS books) suppose 220 words instead of 800 standard ones, and taking 5 to 7 questions instead of 12-13 questions. As the course continues, the passages grow in length and level of difficulty until students reach to its standard version. In each session, they focus on one specific question type (e.g. table completion to master its needed techniques) and later face with blended questions (like a real exam).

 The following are the benefits of this program:

ü  The program is ideal for pre-intermediate and intermediate students/immigrants

ü  Familiarity with a large number of passage topics

ü  Expanding the vocabulary extracted from the passages

ü  Easy to handle tests and less frightening test time

ü  More feelings of test taking achievement

ü  Particular focus on 1 specific question type

ü  Pre and post activities for each passage (Warm-up and gist)

ü  Insight provision for the other exam skills (speaking, writing, listening)



  A practical workshop on the READING test of IELTS (SLICE the IELTS Project)


·         FRIDAY, 11 December *** 4:30 - 6:30 pm *** SFU Harbor Center – STUDY ROOM 3255 *** Instructor: M.Nazari

·         Students with pre-intermediate and intermediate could participate

·         The workshop works for applicants of general and academic IELTS  

  Workshop plan

·         An Overview on the reading test and test taking techniques

·         Taking 4 test passages (from IELTS books) + analysis (Table completion question)

·         573451-register_buttonReviewing their topics, vocabulary, structure and test tips

·         Designing a mini test

·         Discussion (question and answer)

- Remember to bring your USB flash to receive useful materials

- The seats are LIMITED!

- The workshop is FREE



    Mostafa Nazari Montazer

   PhD Candidate in TESL, Faculty of Education,

   Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC – Canada

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