Dr. Alexander Moens
Professor, Department of Political Science
AQ 6035
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5A 1S6
Office:           778-782-4361
Home Office: 604-858-0917

Author of:

 "Free trade, but no union" published in The Toronto Sun, Friday, Apr 25, 2008


Immigration Policy and the Terrorist Threat in Canada and the United States (the Fraser Institute, April 2008) Co-edited with Martin Collacott


The Foreign Policy Of George W. Bush: Values, Strategy And Loyalty (Ashgate, 2004)

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"Who's Afraid of the Hyperpower?" published in The Washington Post, Saturday, May 14, 2005

"Wanted: A realistic relationship with the United States" published in The Vancouver Sun, Monday, June 13, 2005

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Recent Publications

Electronic Papers:

  • "Mad Cow: A Case Study in Canadian-American Relations," The Fraser Institute Electronic Publications (http://www.fraserinstitute.ca/admin/books/files/MadCow.pdf), Vancouver, 66 pages, March 30, 2006
  • "Transatlantic Bipolarity and NATO’s Global Role," Journal of Transatlantic Studies, 4, (2) 2006, pp. 241-252
  • "Achieving Energy Security Through Integrated Canadian-American Markets" (with Taymaz Rastin and Gregory O’Keefe) Fraser Institute Digital Publication, Vancouver, October 2006, 52 pages.


  • Introduction to International Politics: A Study Guide (Second Edition, Center for Distance Education, Simon Fraser University: Third Edition, 2006), 268 pages.
  • The Foreign Policy Of George W. Bush: Values, Strategy And Loyalty (Ashgate, 2004)
  • Foreign Policy Under Carter: Testing Multiple Advocacy Decision Making (Boulder: Westview Press, 1990) - Reviewed in American Political Science Review, 86, 2, (June 1992)
  • NATO and European Security: Alliance Politics from the End of the Cold War to the Age of Terrorism (Praeger Publishers, 2003) Co-edited with Lenard Cohen and Allen Sens
  • Foreign Policy Realignment in the Age of Terror (Toronto: Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies, 2003), Co-edited with Lenard Cohen and Brian Job
  • Disconcerted Europe: The Search for a New Security Architecture (Boulder: Westview Press, 1994) Co-edited with Christopher Anstis


  • "A Revolution in Foreign Policy: The Values and Strategy of George W. Bush," in David S. McDonough and Douglas A. Ross (Eds.) The Dilemmas of American Strategic Primacy (Toronto: Royal Canadian Military Institute, 2005), pp. 127-140.
  • "Electoral Reform or Political Efficiency: Lessons from the American System of Government," Fraser Forum, February 2005, pp. 8-10.


  • "Canadian Participation in North American Missile Defence: A Cost-Benefit Analysis," Fraser Alert, February 15, 2005. (Alexander Moens and Barry Cooper).
  • "The Coming Social Security Revolution," Fraser Forum, March 2005, pp. 7-8.
  • "Missile Defence: The Bilateral Puzzle Made Easy," The Dispatch, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, Winter/Spring 2005, Vol 3, Issue 1.
  • "Who’s Afraid of the Hyperpower?" Washington Post, May 14, 2005 P. A21, also appeared in Charleston Gazette, the State, O Estado de S. Paulo, Japan Times.
  • "Ottawa’s International Priority: Repositioning Canadian-American Relations," Fraser Forum, February 2006, pp. 4-5.
  • "O Canada: Deconstructing Our Friendly Neighbour to the North," Weekly Standard, June 12, 2006, pp. 32-33.
  • "Canadian Participation in EU-Led Military Operations Does not Serve Canadian Interes,", The Dispatch, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, Vol. IV, Issue II, Summer 2006. http://www.cdfai.org/newsletters/newslettersummer2006.htm
  • "America’s Bull Market: Some Surprising Lessons from the Mad Cow crisis," Alberta Venture, July/August 2006, p. 26.
  • "Canada and NATO: Merging Transformations," SITREP, Royal Canadian Military Institute, 66, 4, July-August 2006, pp-5-7.
  • "Europe must join fight in Afghanistan," The Edmonton Journal, Published: Monday, September 25, 2006.
  • "Understanding the 2006 Congressional Elections," (with Sean McCarthy) Fraser Forum, October 2006, pp. 19-22.
  • "What We Need From NATO", Globe and Mail, November 24, 2006
  • Europe must join fight in Afghanistan, Alexander Moens, The Edmonton Journal, Published: Monday, September 25, 2006
  • Monthly Columnist on North American Affairs for the RD: Netherlands Reformed Daily
  • "Lopsided trade makes threats useless," The Windsor Star Tue 25 Oct 2005 , p. A8 (Appeared also in the Phoenix Star and Montreal Gazette)

Conferences, Papers and Public Speaking

  • Invited Participant, "The US Election: Prospects for the New Administration," The Ditchley Foundation, Ditchley Park, United Kingdom, February 25-27, 2005.
  • Presentation, "An EU-NATO Security Regime?" Security in a Divided Europe, UBC Institute for European Studies, Green College, Vancouver, March 4, 2005.
  • Presentation, "George Bush's Foreign Policy: Value-based Cooperation and the Implications for Transatlantic Security Relations," Canadian-American Strategic Review Workshop, SFU Harbour Center, Vancouver, March 18, 2005
  • Speaker: "The Bush Presidential Blueprint," Netherlands Atlantic Association, The Hague, March 30, 2005
  • Speaker: "The Presidency and Foreign Policy of George W. Bush," University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, April 15, 2005.
  • Paper: "The European Union and NATO: From Bipolarity to a Division of Powers," Netherlands Atlantic Association and Germany Institute, the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, November 10 and 11, 2005.
  • Presentation, "The Match between Canada's Transformation and NATO Transformation," 22nd Annual Conference of the Defence Associations Institute, Ottawa, February 23-24, 2006.
  • Paper: "Between European Unity and Atlantic Security: The Complex Themes of the Development of the European Security and Defence Policy," Governance, Policy-Making and System-Building of the European Union, International Conference, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, University of Victoria, Victoria, March 2-4, 2006.
  • Paper: "The Political Transformation of NATO," Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary, Calgary, November 2-4, 2006.
  • Paper: "Should the Atlantic Alliance Become a Global Security Organisation? A Canadian View" International Seminar for Experts on Global NATO, The Riga Summit, and European Security, Cicero Foundation, Paris, November 16-17, 2006.

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  • Professor of Political Science, Simon Fraser University
  • Senior Fellow in American Policy, Fraser Institute, Vancouver
  • Fellow, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, Calgary



Dr. Moens has taught at Simon Fraser University in the Department of Political Science since 1988. His specializations include American Government and Politics, International Politics, The Politics and Foreign Policy of the European Union, and American Foreign Policy Making.

Pol 232: American Government and Politics examines the ideals of the American Revolution, the fundamentals of the Constitution and the reality of national politics in the twentieth century. Emphasis is on American political values, the federal political system, and White House - Congressional relations - in domestic and foreign policy. The online version of this course is the first virtual course that the Department of Political Science has offered.

Pol 241: Introduction to International Politics introduces students to the main concepts, approaches and theories of the study of international politics. It emphasizes the core ideas that have explained state interaction in the past and that remain valid amid rapid change of contemporary International relations. Among these are power, principle, national interest, nationalism, and the pursuit of economic well being..

Pol 349: Canadian-American Relations introduces students to an analysis of Canadian-American relations concentrating on the last twenty years. The course includes key issues in history and differences in political culture and systems. Trade, political relations, defence, national security, and foreign policy are the main areas of consideration. Current events, trends analysis, and the experience of practitioners of Canadian-American relations will be part of the course.

Pol 444: The Politics and Foreign Policy of the European Union covers the history and political dynamics of European Integration. It examines old and new institutions of the European Union such as the Commission, the Council of Ministers, the European Council, and the European Parliament. It also explores various policies in their historical and political context. The course concentrates on developments since the Single European Act of 1986, including the Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties, the Euro, the European Security and Defence Policy, Enlargement and institutional reform.

Pol 445: American Foreign Policy: Processes and Issues explores the process of American Foreign Policy Making with special emphasis on Presidential Decision-Making. Students will learn about individual, small group, bureaucratic, and organizational factors in decision making within the setting of American foreign and national security issues also covering an analytical assessment of selected literature in the field of American foreign policy.

Pol 449: The Politics and Foreign Policy of George W. Bush exploring the personality, background and presidential style of President George W. Bush. It examines the 2000 and 2004 campaigns, the organization of the White House and Cabinet and the National Security apparatus. Both domestic and foreign policy is analyzed in detail with special attention to the foreign policy decisions after 9/11 in the Middle East.

POL 498: Directed Readings in Political Science "The EU and Social Cohesion," for students enrolled in the 2006 EU Briefing Tour.

 International Conference on European Security, May 18, 19, 2001


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