SFU Discrete Math Day @ IRMACS

Organized by Luis Goddyn, Veselin Jungic and Bojan Mohar

As a satellite meeting before the big SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics in Victoria, the staff and visitors at SFU DM community will meet for an informal day at the IRMACS center on Thursday, June 22nd, 2006. Anyone wishing to participate is welcome to attend. No fee, no pre-registration. Just drop in. Lunch will be provided by IRMACS.

Tentative schedule:

Confirmed participants: Richard Anstee, Hayri Ardal, Sam Basset, Adrian Belshow, Peter Borwein, Tom Brown, Laura Chavez, Javad Ebrahimi, Ksenya Garaschuk, Luis Goddyn, Tim Graves, Mariah Hamel, Pavol Hell, Jonathan Jedwab, SN Kabadi, Valentine Kabanets, Shabnam Kavousian, Mahdad Khatirinejad, Shigeru Kitokubo, Neskie Manuel, Idris Mercer, Bojan Mohar, Tim Mott, Matthew Parker, Abraham Punnen, Moshe Rosenfeld, Brendon Rooney, Chris Ryan, Robert Samal, Andrew Seary, Gabor Tardos, Rounan Zhang, Tiko Komeda, Michael Monagan, Nadia Nosrati, Maurice Queyranne, Shahriar Shariari.

Let us know if you want to be included in the list (Veselin Jungic <vjungic@sfu.ca>).

IRMACS is the center for Interdisciplinary Research in MAthematics and Computer Science (rumors say that it may be International Research in MAthematics and Computing Science). It is located just a minute walk away from the Math Department at SFU.