Sample Product Data Sheet

Gator Technology Corp. 


Hard Disk "Photocopier"
Duplicate your entire hard drive
Plug and Go - uses your printer port!
Use for Backup or extra storage
Download large Internet Files
Ideal for Laptops and Notebooks
For Use With Any PC or MAC
Perfect for Professional Users
Available in SCSI & Parallel Port Versions
Capacity - 1GB to 4GB (SCSI)
1GB, 1.5GB, & 2GB (Parallel)
Windows 95, Win 3.1, & MAC Versions
Available in "Lite" Version
High Speed Parallel Port Connection

Gator's Gig-in-a-Box gives PC users the ability to store or copy huge volumes of information in a fast, efficient, and reliable unit. The Gig-in-a-Box is a plug and go portable hard drive. It connects to any PC's parallel printer port (yes, there is a printer pass-thru connector to permit simultaneous printing). A SCSI version is also available for PCs or MACs with SCSI capability. Gig-in-a-Box is an ideal product for commuters who want to take their all their files and applications with them. Simply plug the Gig-in-a-Box into other people's computers and access all your apps and files! The Gig-in-a-Box is an ideal backup unit - a great way to protect your sensitive Notebook files when you're on the go!  

Dimensions (WxHxD) 
118x51x184mm (Par & SCSI) 
160x27x75mm (Lite) 
1.7lbs (Parallel) 
2.2lbs (SCSI) 
11 ounces (Lite) 
OS Support 
Windows 95, Win 3.x, Mac 
Parallel Port / SCSI 
1GB, 1.5GB & 2GB (Parallel) 
1GB, 2GB, & 4GB (SCSI) 
1GB (Lite) 
To Order, Call 1-604- 294-6465

For more information on the Gig-in-a-Box product, you can also email 

Gator Technology Corp. 
1995 Boundary Road 
Vancouver BC, Canada V5M 3Y7 
Tel:(604)294-6465, Fax:(604)294-1301

The Data Sheet

The above is a sample of a typical product datasheet. It is not overly artistic, as it was done by an engineer, but it does at least describe the product and highlight some of its features, especially in terms of the benefits to the user. Note that a bit of an advertising blurb is included as is a photo or two for illustration. A good data sheet gets the message out simply and effectively: what it is and what it does. Note that pricing is not included. Pricing might be added as part of an advertisement but is not recommended for a data sheet. Do you know why? Currently, it is cost-effective and very expedient for companies to publish their brochures on the internet, as was the case for the sample above. In this case, the company's worldwide dealers could easily print out hardcopies for their customers. Take a look at some corporate sites to find other examples.


A good data sheet should include the following:

Business Basics for Engineers, by Mike Volker, 1997, 1998