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Introduction - The Fun of Business

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"Success in Business is not based so much on intelligence as it is on judgement"


My business history is very simple. I started a company in 1973 (manufacturing video display terminals) as a University of Waterloo Engineering student. I worked relentlessly until 1981 at which time I sold it for approximately $7 million (which was a lot of dough, way back then!). I took my share of the proceeds and invested in, and got involved with, several early stage technology companies in Ontario and in California (Silicon Valley). In 1989, I took on an interesting new challenge as Executive Director of the B.C. Advanced Systems Institute (ASI).  I left ASI in 1992 to go back to business. In late 1996, I decided it was time for a "career change" and I became the Director of Simon Fraser University's University-Industry Liaison Office. I thoroughly enjoy the adventure of creating and promoting new technology ventures.

Over the past 25+ years in the technology business I've learned a lot. There's probably a lot more that I haven't learned! Along the way, I've had some great successes and I've also had my share of so-called "learning experiences". Yes, at times I've looked like a hero and at times I've looked like a real ass. At times I'm sure that I've delighted my colleagues and at times I'm sure I've really ticked off a few people. I enjoy sharing these so-called learning experiences with others. After selling my first company, Volker-Craig Ltd., I decided that, having been successful by my own definition, I didn't need to "do it all over again. Instead, I elected to spend more time "at home" and to conduct business vicariously - i.e. helping and encouraging others to take the trip.

My philosophy is old-fashioned and simple: work hard and honestly, be creative and committed, look for new opportunities, and with some "luck" and a little help from your friends, you'll be successful and maybe even have a little fun along the way.

The Fun of Business

"I love business. There's no greater roller-coaster ride than sitting in the CEO's chair!"

Here are some of my thoughts on why high-tech enterprise in Canada can be such a thrill.

"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." (No Fear)

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