Between 1982 and 1983 I took photographs of neon signs around Greater Vancouver. Many of the signs shown here are gone. Click on one of the thumbnail photos or titles below to see a full resolution photo of each sign.

Smilin' Buddah Cabaret

A Vancouver landmark for many years in the Downtown Eastside on East Hastings and Columbia Streets. Jimi Hendrix played 'The Buddah' as well as all of the best Vancouver punk rock bands during the club's last hurrah in the early 1980's.  The cabaret is long gone but the sign was purchased by 54-40, one of the bands who played The Buddah.

Cambie Plumbing and Heating

A classic neon sign on Fraser Street near East Twenty-fifth Avenue in East Vancouver. The lights at the bottom of the spout blink in sequence to give the illusion of running water.

Roselawn Funeral Chapel

Ah, to be laid to rest under such beautiful glowing neon. Located on East Broadway just west of Commercial Drive in East Vancouver.


This famous girl on a swing neon can be found in North Burnaby at East Hastings and Gilmore Streets. Still swinging and glowing bright.  Also, check out this short video clip.

Aristocratic Restaurant

The Aristocratic Restaurants truly were all over Vancouver town years ago.  This was the sign at the chain's Granville Street and West Broadway location.  Both the sign and the restaurant are long gone, replaced by a Chapters mega-store.

    The Ovaltine Cafe #1

On East Hastings Street near Main Street in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.  This sign is still blinking and flashing.

    The Ovaltine Cafe #2

Without a doubt one of the best of the old time neon displays still throwing its beautiful glow.

    The Faternal Order of Eagles, Aerie 2075

Faternal Eagles, I commend you on your excellent neon sign!  Here's hoping you maintain it.  On Kingsway near Fraser Street in East Vancouver..

    Vanity Lingerie and Hosiery

The lingerie store and the sign are gone now.  But it shone with sophistication and understated elegance for many years on West 41st Avenue in the heart of Vancouver's Kerrisdale district.

To see more of these classic old neon signs, please click HERE!

    Recent Neon Photos

And finally, here is a page of recent neon photos taken with my digital camera.

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