Monet's Kryptos Observations

New:   observations2008-Building.a.running.cipher.from.the.Periodic.Table,.rev.2014.02.06.pdf  Released for public consumption: February 6th, 2014
Original Observations
On the Origins of Palimpsest (the acquisition of the K1 keyword)
K3 and the Op (the acquisition of the K3 matrices)
My most important observations are now available to the public.
        From Hydra to the Flickering Flame                                                              DIG KH THE KING
        K1 K2 - The Nuance of Iqlusion and the Illusion of Nuance
        Location location location
        Offsets in the 3rd Quagmire - a Numerical Perspective
Password is 'kryptos'

Stay tuned.    I will shortly be releasing a series of papers that will fundamentally change how we look at K4.

More observations
With and Without the Question Marks
Deriving 98 from the double letters in K1-3
Compass Strata Linear Aberrations and K2 Coordinates
Compass Strata Linear Aberrations and DYAHR
CIA Campus Overview Comparison With Left Compass Strata
Photo Mergers
Non Obvious Images in the Kryptos Sculpture Strata
TISDOS : Another meaning for those K2 coordinates
More Photos from the Compass Strata to the Courtyard
Kryptos photos from Sanborn himself (green blob, secret signals)
Spatial Approaches
The Road to Palimpsest (attempts at the acquisition of the K1 keyword)
The Viability of Acquiring the K1 and K2 keywords, PALIMPSEST and ABSCISSA by Cribbing the Morse Messages

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