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Compute Canada SPARC 2 Consultations at SFU

To: The SFU Research Community,

The following message is sent on behalf of Compute Canada.

As a valued member of Canada’s Advanced Research Computing (ARC) community we’d like to invite you to participate in Compute Canada’s Sustainable Planning for Advanced Research Computing Phase II (SPARC2) consultations. The purpose of these consultations is to gather feedback from the broad research community on research data storage requirements and high performance computing needs over the next five years.

In Person Consultation

WHERE: Simon Fraser University
DATE: Wednesday January 13, 2016
TIME: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
ROOM: Presentation Studio ASB 10900, IRMACS Centre

Members of the Compute Canada Executive Team and Regional Partners will be attending this session to gather feedback and provide updates on Compute Canada’s technology plan for the renewal and consolidation of its national platform which will be implemented from 2016 through early 2018.

The community’s input will influence Compute Canada’s proposal to the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) for operating funding through to 2022  as well as future proposals to the CFI for additional capital investment in the pan-Canadian advanced research computing platform.

The consultations will give all disciplines an opportunity to share domain-specific forecasts, identify needs in managing large data sets and preserving “big data” for use by future researchers, as well as advanced research computing needs.

Any WestGrid / Compute Canada user (or future user) as well as members of the broader research community from all disciplines (i.e. faculty, grad students, VPR/AVPR, Research Services Office, IT staff, industry, government) are invited and encouraged to participate.

If you are not able to attend this session there are other ways to get involved and help shape advanced research computing (ARC) services in Canada:

Questions and comments are welcome at any time via sparc@computecanada.ca.

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