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Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellowship: Upcoming call for 2017-18 applicants

The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are forwarding to our e-mail list members:
Mitacs and its partner universities share a commitment to strengthening the role of science in public policy. Together with the research and policy communities, Mitacs has launched the Canadian Science Policy Fellowship (CSPF), a 12-month placement for Canadian faculty and postdoctoral scholars within government host departments. The first of its kind in Canada, the inaugural cohort of fellows begin their activities in federal host departments this fall, thanks to partnerships with the Government of Canada and the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP).  

The CSPF program aims to assist government in the development of policy with advice from respected professors and postdoctoral scholars, serving to build lasting connections between the public sector and academia. Specifically, the Fellowship aims to:

Ø  Form mutually beneficial and robust relationships between government decision-makers and academic researchers in support of important policy challenges in Canada;

Ø  Enhance science communication, collaboration, and expert capacity within government departments and agencies; and,

Ø  Develop a network of science policy expertise within the academic community, able to liaise with government policymakers.

Due to the exceptional response to the 2016-17 launch of CSPF, Mitacs has successfully placed 12 fellows in federal departments. As a result, Mitacs is pleased to announce that the program will be expanded in 2017-18 to allow for up to 30 Fellowships.

The call for Fellow applications from Faculty and Postdoctoral Scholars will open in late January 2017 with placements occurring from September 2017 to August 2018. Faculty participants should anticipate requiring a release or sabbatical to fully participate in the program.

To be eligible, a fellow applicant must:

Ø  Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;

Ø  Hold a PhD or equivalent doctoral-level degree in any academic discipline by the start of the fellowship;

Ø  Be able to participate for the full 12-month fellowship;

Ø  Meet any additional employment criteria required by the Government of Canada, including (but not limited to) security clearance, as dictated by each host department or agency.

Fellows will receive a stipend that reflects their qualifications and is commensurate with comparable full-time employment within the federal public service. Individual stipends may vary depending on the host department or agency. 

Participating faculty must secure a one-year leave and may retain either full or partial salary compensation during their fellowships. These arrangements should be negotiated with the respective institutions prior to acceptance of the Fellowship.

For more information, please contact Jennifer MacLean, PhD at policyfellowship@mitacs.ca

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