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CDRD-MS Society of Canada Joint Call for Research Projects

The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are passing on to our list members.


I’m contacting you with a quick update that CDRD and the MS Society of Canada have issued a global call for research projects focused on the discovery and development of treatments for progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 
This is the third call in our ongoing partnership with the MS Society which is aimed at accelerating preclinical development of novel therapies for MS. To achieve this goal, the organizations are seeking pre-proposals from investigators who are working on research projects aimed at developing new disease-modifying therapies for progressive MS. Such therapies may include novel approaches to promote remyelination, repair existing damage and/or protecting neurons to positively impact the progressive forms of the disease.
More details are available on our website: http://www.cdrd.ca/news/global-call-to-ms-researchers-sept2016/. Please forward to any of your institution’s investigators working in the MS field or as you see appropriate.
Feel free to contact me at your convenience with any questions or comments.
Best regards,
Nicolette Honson  Ph.D.
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