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URGENT: CIHR Deadlines Extended Until October 20, 2016

 Dear Researcher,
The Office of Research Services has just been informed by the CIHR that due to technical difficulties with the CCV, all CIHR grants (including Project and CHRP) that were originally due today Tuesday October 18. 2016 will now be due Thursday October 20, 2016.

Please ensure that your application is in submit mode no later than 10am on Thursday October 20, 2016. ORS staff will set the re-set the internal clock to this date and time shortly.

Those applications that are currently in submit mode, will be submitted. Should you require access back to your application if you application is currently in submit mode to make revisions due to the extension, please contact Ash Lalani ASAP at 778-782-9218 or ashlalani@sfu.ca by 2pm today. Otherwise the application will be reviewed and submitted.
The list of grant applications that this deadline extension applies to are the following:
  • Project Grant: Fall 2016 - Full Application
  • Operating Grant: Collaborative Health Research Projects (NSERC Partnered) (2016-2017) - Full Application
  • IMHA - Personalized Medicine in Inflammation Network
  • Team Grant - Perinatal Healthcare System Improvement
  • Prize: IHDCYH Talks (2016) 
  • Catalyst Grant - Work Stress and Wellbeing Hackathon
  • Team Grant: Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HeLTI) – India - Phase 1 Letter of Intent
  • Operating Grant: Health Effects of the Alberta Wildfires
  • Operating Grant: PHSI for Cancer Control – Letter of Intent   

Thank you.

ORS Staff