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Mitacs Elevate: Application Instructions

The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are forwarding to our e-mail list members:

MITACS ELEVATE (SFU Internal Deadline: 15 FEB 2017)

Mitacs Elevate offers postdoctoral fellows a two-year professional development plan and collaborative research project, building capacity for the next generation of R&D management leaders. The program provides fellows with customized training that is only available from Elevate. Fellows explore topics such as project management, leadership, and presentation skills, while applying both their expertise and professional skill set to their partner organization. Elevate fellows receive a $50,000 minimum annual stipend/salary.

Steps to apply:

1. Submit an Intent to Apply no later than 25 JAN 2017. (If this deadline is missed, please contact mitacsbd@sfu.ca to confirm your eligibility to apply.)

2. If applicable, submit an Intern or Supervisor Conflict of Interest (COI) Declaration to elevate@mitacs.ca no later than 25 JAN 2017.

3. Submit a draft copy of your proposal for a one-time pre-review to elevate@mitacs.ca no later than 8 FEB 2017. (Optional, but strongly encouraged.)

4. Submit a complete copy of your application—including a fully signed Memorandum page and SFU Signature Sheet—to ors@sfu.ca by 15 FEB 2017.

5. After ORS signs off, submit your complete application to elevate@mitacs.ca by 22 FEB 2017.

When filling out the SFU Signature Sheet, please ensure that the supervisor is listed as the Principal Investigator, with the intern listed in parentheses beside: e.g. "Principal Investigator: Supervisor Name (intern: Intern Name)." Signature Sheets are to be signed by the supervisor then sent to their Chair / Director, who will themselves sign off before sending the Signature Sheet along to their Dean. Once the Dean has signed off, the Signature Sheet will be sent to ORS for final approval.

More information about this funding opportunity and application process can be found here and in the attached file.

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