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Connections | New funding opportunity: MSFHR Reach Awards

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The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are forwarding to our e-mail list members:  


March 2017


New funding opportunity: MSFHR Reach Awards

At MSFHR, we believe that health research funders have an important role to play in promoting and advancing knowledge translation.

As part of our commitment to facilitate the implementation of health research knowledge, we are excited to present the first MSFHR Reach Awards.

New for 2017, the MSFHR Reach Awards provide funding to support the dissemination and uptake of research evidence to inform and improve further research, practice and policy-making.

Each award will help teams of health researchers and research users collaboratively plan and implement dissemination activities, adapting messages and mode of delivery in order to reach audiences who can directly use the information.



Martin Gleave (2013 Aubrey J. Tingle Prize; 2004 Research Unit Award) has been awarded the 2017 Richard D. Williams, MD Prostate Cancer Research Excellence Award for his outstanding and impactful work in the field of prostate cancer.

Congratulations to Lara Boyd (2008 Scholar), Kanna Hayashi (C2 co-lead), Judy Illes (2008 Team Planning), Danuta Skowronski (H1N1 influenza initiative co-lead), and Clara van Karnebeek (2014 Scholar) on their 2017 Women of Distinction Award nominations in the research and the sciences category. The ceremony will take place May 29 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.


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