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Connections | Co-producing health research

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The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are forwarding to our e-mail list members:

Dr. Bev Holmes discusses what co-production means, and how to advance the science and practice      

July 2017


Co-producing health research: The importance of saying what we mean, meaning what we say, and learning as we go

Dr. Bev Holmes, Interim President & CEO of MSFHR, draws on her research experience in health communications and knowledge translation to discuss the concept of ‘co-creation’, what it means, how to facilitate it, and how to advance both co-creation science and practice.



MSFHR Board member Dr. Sally Thorne joins the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame on July 29 in recognition of her international contributions to nursing research.

Brianne Kent (2016 Trainee), Travis Salway (2017 Trainee & 2017 C2 team member) and Nicholas Weilinger (2015 Trainee) have been named UBC 2016-17 Banting Postdoctoral Fellows.

2006 & 2003 Trainee and 2017 Scholar Dr. Liam Brunham has been named one of Canada's 2017 Top 40 under 40.


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