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REMINDER: 2015 NSERC Discovery Grants (DG) competition + deadlines (i.e., SFU Internal + NSERC's)

Dear SFU Researchers,
RE:  2015 NSERC Discovery Grants (DG + SAP-DG + Northern Research Supplement Program)

Below is a synopsis of the information posted on the ORS web site with regards to 'deadlines'.

SFU Internal Deadline for NSERC DG competition, 26 OCT 2015, 9:30 am 
ORS' receipt of the complete/fully signed SFU SIG Sheet from eligible applicants (+ any Grant Eligibility form, where required, http://www.sfu.ca/ors/fundingopportunities/grant-eligibility.html) + your application in the "submit" mode, ready for ORS' final review (and potentially any comments for you) of your application prior to the electronic submission (eSUB) of your application to NSERC.  All applications that are fine (no changes required) will be electronically submitted to NSERC.  

After 26 OCT 2015  
Provided ORS received the eligible applicant's complete/fully signed SFU SIG Sheet (+ any Grant Eligibility form, where required, http://www.sfu.ca/ors/fundingopportunities/grant-eligibility.html)  + the application is in the "submit" mode. ORS can only gurarantee the review with respect to those applications that are submitted by the internal deadline. We will try our best to review those received after but we can't guarantee this. The applications and signature sheets that are received after 26 OCT 2015 will still be submitted to NSERC (potentially without a review by ORS).
1) Please email the signed SFU SIG Sheets + any signed Grant Eligibility forms to ors@sfu.ca
2)  Any "eligibility" questions, please contact Ash Lalani (ashlalani@sfu.ca) or 778-782-9218 as soon as possible.
3) NSERC's deadline is 2 NOV 2015.  We anticipate a large volume of applications for this competition, therefore we appreciate your patience.
4) NSERC will confirm receipt by sending email to the applicant.

Thank you.
ORS Staff

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