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Update regarding NSERC Grant Results from Fall 2015 Competitions

Dear Researchers,
ORS staff have reached out to NSERC regarding the results from the NSERC competitions there were held in Fall 2015 and when they will be released.
Below is the information ORS received from NSERC.
As soon as ORS staff receive these results we will be notifying researchers via e-mail.
If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Ash Lalani at ashlalani@sfu.ca
"The results will be posted to the secure site on, approximately, April 7, 2016.  This is not a firm date.  The applicants will be able to access their letters on the research portal on approximately the 15th of April.

The results will be posted (in list form, excel) on the secure site and (in letter form) on the research portal for applicants. "

Thank you.


SFU Simon Fraser University
Office of Research Services (ORS)
Discovery 2
t: 778-782-9218
f: 778-782-3477


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