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Fall 2016 NSERC Discovery Grant (DG) Workshop with Theresa Kitos

The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are passing on to our list members.

18 AUG 2016

SFU applicants to the Fall 2016 NSERC Discovery Grant (DG) competition are invited to attend an NSERC DG workshop: 

DATE: Monday, September 12th, 2016

TIME: 10 am – 12 noon


Research Grants Facilitator Theresa Kitos will take workshop attendees through the NSERC DG application process. SFU faculty with experience as NSERC Evaluation Group (EG) members will offer insight into the NSERC DG adjudication process.

If you plan to attend, please click here to fill out the websurvey, or paste this link into your browser: http://websurvey.sfu.ca/survey/247784001.

Thank you.

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