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Reminder: Please RSVP - BCIC Ignite Presentation - Thursday June 8, 2017 1pm-3pm

The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are forwarding to our e-mail list members:

BCIC Ignite Program Manager, Kailyn Skuban will be coming to SFU to give a presentation on 8 JUN 2017. The session will give an overview of program objectives, eligibility requirements, applications procedures, and give prospective applicants insight on how to prepare a competitive application. Applicants will get their questions answered during a Q&A and have the opportunity to meet and discuss their projects with Kailyn Skuban, Program Manager, BCIC Ignite.

BCIC Ignite provides funding to accelerate commercialization of new technologies and innovations in the natural resources, applied sciences, and engineering in British Columbia. The program provides awards of up to $300,000 to academic-industry consortia that are conducting research projects that address a significant demonstrated problem faced by industry and will commercialize a proposed innovation within a 3-year time frame.

Date: 8 JUN 2017
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: SFU's Big Data Hub (formerly IRMACS) - The Presentation Studio (ASB 10900)
Presenter: Kailyn Skuban, Program Manager, BCIC Ignite
Notes: This presentation will be live streamed and will be able to be viewed on the date and time the presentation is live here https://youtu.be/ey0x2GvnKa8
RSVP: Please fill out  http://websurvey.sfu.ca/survey/279594660

Thank you.

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