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Reminder: NSERC Discovery Grants Workshop(s) Invitation and RSVP

The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are forwarding to our e-mail list members:

NSERC Discovery Grants Workshop(s) Invitation and RSVP


DATES:                      Wed.August 9th or/and Tues., September 12th

TIME:                        10am - 12 noon 
LOCATION:             SSB 7172


For SFU faculty members planning to apply to the NSERC Discovery Grant (DG) competition this fall, Grants Facilitators Theresa Kitos and Beverly Neufeld are offering two workshops to take participants through the DG application process. For each workshop, SFU faculty with experience as NSERC Evaluation Group members will offer insight into the NSERC adjudication process.

  • We are offering the workshop twice (same basic material to be covered, with a different set of faculty member panelists for each):

o   one on August 9th from 10am-noon, and

o   a second one on September 12th from 10am-noon.

  • Feel free to attend either or both workshops.

If you plan to attend one or both of these workshops, please RSVP via web survey at this link: http://websurvey.sfu.ca/survey/282686592.

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