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Update on SSHRC Insight Development Grants

The SSHRC Insight Development grant application form is now available in SSHRC’s Research Portal.  The SFU internal deadline for completed applications and SFU Funding Application Signature Sheets to be forwarded to ors@sfu.ca is January 27, 2016.

New this year and of particular interest to IDG applicants: 

·        Changes to the definition of an Emerging Scholar

·        Elimination of the requirement for collaborator CCVs

·        Longer section to describe the research team (“Roles and Responsibilities” module doubled to 7600 characters from 3800)

·        Adjudication committee structure will include disciplinary committees when justified by the number of applications

·        New resource:  Preparing an Insight Development Grants research-creation application

·        Social work, law and criminology moved to Group 4

Note: There is an error in the “Funds requested from SSHRC” module that will be corrected soon. Applicants are advised to wait for confirmation that the issue has been resolved before filling out this section.

For grant facilitators or administrators who are completing test or practice applications, SSHRC has created a “Test Organization”, which will help prevent test applications from congesting the portal. Those individuals should select the organization called ZZZ-INTERNAL TESTING ENVIRONMENT.


For technical questions please contact:    


Tel.: 613-995-4273

Email: webgrant@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca  


For Programs-related questions please contact:

Research Grants and Partnerships Division

Tel.: 613-996-6976

Email: insightdevelopment@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca