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Update regarding SSHRC IG and PDG Grant Results from Fall 2015 Competitions

Dear Researchers, 

ORS staff have reached out to SSHRC regarding the results from the SSHRC Insight Grant and Partnership Development Grant competitions there were held in Fall 2015 and when they will be released. 

Below is the information ORS received 
from SSHRC. 

As soon as ORS staff receive these results we will be notifying researchers via e-mail. 
In addition, please see the e-mail below this from SSHRC regarding the changes they are implementing in order to harmonize the communication of competition results. 

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Ash Lalani at ashlalani@sfu.ca 

"We are working to get the IG and PDG results out this week. We’ll be sending a note once they are available or if there is any delay." 

Thank you. 


SFU Simon Fraser University 
Office of Research Services (ORS) 
Discovery 2 
t: 778-782-9218 
f: 778-782-3477 


"SFU - Engaging the World" 


Dear colleagues, 


SSHRC has improved and harmonized the communication of competition results given to applicants and institutions. These changes come as a result of a review aimed at determining what feedback could be provided following adjudication that would: 

•             Provide applicants with the decision (offered/not offered); 

•             Allow applicants and institutions to situate the individual results within a larger context; and 

•             Allow institutions to situate the results of their cohort of applicants within a larger context. 



New this year: 


·          Applications will be “offered”, “conditionally offered” or “not offered” funding 

·          Elimination of the “recommended, not funded” category 

·          Collection of all applications into one overall group by rank and divided by relative rank into sextiles 

·          Results for applicants will be provided on a one-page form that includes individual, committee and overall results and statistics, including the sextile in which their application placed 

·          Institutions will receive overall and institutional competition statistics on the secure site (not for public dissemination until the official public announcement has occurred) in addition to their applicants’ results by sextiles (presented in alphabetical, not rank order) and the award decisions. 


At this time, changes will be made in the communication of results to the Insight Grants (IG), Insight Development Grants (IDG), Partnerships Grants Letter of Intent (PG – LOI), and Partnership Development Grants (PDG) funding opportunities. 


These changes are based on feedback received from the research community  that the number of applications that were “Recommended, not funded” had increased in most funding opportunities over the past years  and the proportion of applications deemed “Recommended, not funded” was inconsistent from one funding opportunity to another which made results difficult to interpret. Furthermore, it was found that the large number of “Recommended, not funded” applications sent mixed messages to individual applicants since only a small proportion of these applications are funded by SSHRC on an annual basis.   


Effective immediately, the “Recommended, not funded” category has been eliminated. Applicants will now be informed that their application was either “Offered”, “Conditionally Offered” or “Not Offered” an award. Furthermore, the results of all applications within each funding opportunity will be collected, grouped based on overall relative rank and divided into sextiles. The fifth and sixth sextiles (or bottom third) will be combined into one group. Applicants, as well as their institution, will be informed into which sextile category their application fell, in relation to all applications submitted to that competition.  Applicants will continue to receive information on where their application ranked (by committee). 


Applicants will receive the following: 

a.        Overall competition statistics 

b.        Results for their specific application 

                                 i.             Decision (Offered/Conditionally Offered/Not Offered) 

                               ii.             Final Scores 

                              iii.             Rank within the committee 

                             iv.             Sextile category in overall ranking 

                               v.             Committee comments (if applicable) 

                             vi.             External Assessments / Expert Panel Reports (if applicable) 

SSHRC will also provide institutions with more information regarding the results of the applicants from their institution and their overall standing in the competition. 

Institutions will receive the following: 


a.        Overall competition statistics 

b.       Institution competition statistics 

c.        Results for all applications submitted via the institution: 

                                 i.             Decision (Offered/Conditionally Offered/Not Offered) 

                               ii.             Recommended Amount (for those offered an award) 

                              iii.             Sextile category in overall rankings (the list of applicants will appear in alphabetical order within the sextile category)