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Re: REMINDER: RSVP: SSHRC Insight Development Grants Workshop

Hi Mike,

For this one it is in our shared calendar to send the final RSVP list to Barb and Bev on Nov 29th. Please cc me on your message as well.



From: "Office of Research Services" <ors@sfu.ca>
To: sshrc-list@sfu.ca
Sent: Friday, November 25, 2016 2:29:23 PM
Subject: REMINDER: RSVP: SSHRC Insight Development Grants Workshop

The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are passing on to our list members:

SFU faculty members planning to apply to the next SSHRC Insight Development Grants (IDG) competition (deadline: February 3, 2017) are invited to attend a workshop:

DATE:  30 NOV 2016 (Wednesday)
TIME:  10 am - 12 noon

To help you write a competitive application, Grants Facilitators Barbara Burkhardt and Beverly Neufeld will take participants through the IDG application process. 

Thank you.


Ms. Ash Lalani B.Sc., MBA 

Office of Research Services

Simon Fraser University (SFU)
t: 778-782-9218

web: http://www.sfu.ca/ors