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Reminder: SSHRC SMALL GRANTS (SFU/SSHRC INSTITUTIONAL GRANTS) Fall 2016 Competition – Deadline December 15, 2016

Dear Researchers,

The SSHRC Small (SFU/SSHRC Institutional Grants) Fall 2016 Competition is currently open.

The deadline to apply for the SSHRC Small Grants (SFU/SSHRC Institutional Grants) is Thursday December 15, 2016. If you are intending to apply, please find the guidelines, application, Chair's evaluation, and Form B (if applicable) for your application on our website at this link: http://www.sfu.ca/ors/fundingopportunities/fundingopportunities0/internal-sfu-grants1.html

NOTE: There have been some revisions to the guidelines so please ensure that you read them carefully. Revisions have been made under the following sections: "Eligible Applicants and Co-Investigators" and "Hourly Rates for Payment of Research Assistants".

Please forward your application to ORS (scan and e-mail documents to ors@sfu.ca) by Thursday December 15, 2016 no later than 4:30pm. Late applications will not be accepted and incomplete applications will be noted and the committee will be informed that the application was incomplete.

Thank you.

ORS staff