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Newsletter: The Manitoba Gambling Research Project Turns 5!

The Office of Research Services has received the following information which we are forwarding to our e-mail list members:

The MGRP Turns 5!


Since launching on December 15, 2011, the program has made 69 awards valued at over $3.3 million.  

These awards include 4 Large Grants, 15 Small Grants, and 7 Focused Research awards to researchers across Canada, as well as 10 Studentships and 33 Conference Grants to Manitoba researchers.

Below is a list of research projects funded in each year and the principal investigator for each. For more information about the program and the research it has funded, please visit our website at www.manitobagamblingresearch.com/funded_research

“Play-For-Fun/Social-Casino Gambling: An Examination of our Current Knowledge” (J. Derevensky)
“Direct and Indirect Ways of Assessing Beliefs About Gambling in the Advertising Context” (S. Stewart)
“Problem Gambling: The Mediating Role of Impulsivity and Cognitive Bias” (C. Graves)
“A Longitudinal Investigation of the Problem Gambling Pathways Model with an Undergraduate Student Population” (D. Dowd)
“Gambling to Relax and Gambling to Forget: Questionnaire and Daily Diary Studies of Subtypes of Coping Motives for Gambling” (S. Stewart)
“Gambling Motives, Cognitions and Personality of Frequent VLT Players” (V. MacLaren)
“Risk and Protective Factors of Gambling Among Young Adults: Analysis of the Manitoba Longitudinal Study of Young Adults (MLSYA) Data” (S. Stewart)
“Longitudinal Analyses of the Prevalence, Course, and Comorbidity of Problem Gambling in Young Adults” (J. Edgerton)

“Do Gambling Beliefs and Attitudes Affect Gambling Behaviors over Time?” (T. Afifi)
“Behavioural Indicators and Player Characteristics of Frequent VLT Players” (V. MacLaren)
“Exploring the Effects of Mindfulness Practice and Trait Mindfulness on Gambling Symptoms in Women: A Combined Clinical and Community-Based Assessment” (T. Afifi)
“Money and Value: Income Insecurity, Financial Decision-Making and Problem Gambling" (P. Das)
“Do Personality Differences Mediate Between Problem Gambling Risk and Gambling Behaviours in EGM Players?" (C. Graves)
“Exploring Help-Seeking among Poker Players with a Gambling Problem" (W. Shead)
“Appraisals and Self-Perceptions in Relation to Overcoming Barriers to Seeking Help: Longitudinal and Experimental Assessments” (M. Wohl)

“Online Interventions for Problem Gamblers with and without Co-occurring Mental Health Concerns: Randomized Controlled Trial” (C. Hendershot)
“Is Online Gaming a Risk Factor for Problem Gambling? An Exploratory Study in a Sample of University Undergraduates” (J. Edgerton)
“Exploring the Relationships Between Problem Gambling and ADHD: A Meta-Analysis” (J. Theule)
“Substance-Use as a Moderator in the Relationship Between Social Anxiety Disorder and Pathological Gambling” (R. Nicholson)
“Customized Responsible Gambling Messaging as a Tool to Encourage Help-Seeking” (S. Gainsbury)

“Problem Gambling and the Slot Machine 'Zone': A Dissociative State that Contributes to the Appeal of Slots Play and May Increase the Potential for Harm” (M. Dixon)
“Online Coping Skills Counseling for Problem Gambling and Trauma” (D. Ledgerwood)
“Using Frequency of Gambling and Interference with Important Life Domains to Develop Evidence-Based Recommendations for Responsible Gambling in Manitoba” (T. Afifi)
“An Exploratory Study Through a Cultural Life Course Perspective: Gambling Among Older Asian People in a Canadian Context” (H. Luo)
“Access to VLT Gambling and Gambling Behaviour” (U. Oguzoglu)
“Does Self-Compassion Facilitate or Prevent Problem Gambling?” (D. Bailis)
“Disordered Gambling in Older Adult Populations” (R. Nicholson)
“Player Information Needs: Education and Monetary Limit Adherence” (M. Wohl)

“A Daily Diary Investigation of Self-Regulation in Gambling” (S. Yi)
“Problem Video Gaming: Establishing Measures and Predictors for Problematic Gaming Behaviour” (J. Biegun)

Please note grant agreements for the remaining projects funded in 2016 are currently under development.  These projects will be announced once the agreements are signed.  

The Manitoba Gambling Research Program supports the development of high quality research that enables evidence-based advancement of responsible gambling programs, and problem gambling prevention and treatment. Research opportunities are available for researchers across Canada.

For questions, please contact: 

Carly Sacco, M.A.
Responsible Gaming Research Analyst
(204) 957-2500 ext. 2417
1-800-265-3912 ext. 2417