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  • Collins, The State in Early Modern France, 195-215.

    Write up a brief (2 - 4 paragraphs) answer to the question assigned to you.

    13:30 tutorial:

    Question 2: Dominique, Derek, Dean, Supinder, Sarah
    Question 3: Angela, Mike, Alexis, Tania, Chris
    Question 4: Elana, Andrea, Laura, Andrew
    Question 5: Jon, Jevon, Jaqcuie, Joanna, Jean

    14:30 tutorial:

    Question 2: Dan, Wajma, Aaron-Lisa, Greg, Samantha
    Question 3: Bethany, Kelsey, Navdeep, Kyla
    Question 4: Jeni, Amy, Anjali, Karianne, Mark
    Question 5: Mikal, Mareva, Melissa, Kyle, François

    1. Identify and explain the significance of Fleury, War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748), Machault, dixième, vingtième, Madame de Pompadour, philosophes, Voltaire, Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws

    2. Collins directs our attention to the historical continuites in the French state (p. 195). In what ways was did the French state of the eighteenth century resemble that of the seventeenth century? Provide specific details.

    3. What were the monarchy's expenses in the first half of the eighteenth century? Why did it need more revenue? How did it get more revenue?

    4. What was court life like under Louis XV? What were the king's chief character traits?

    Medallions commemorating the coronation of Louis XV.

    5. By the 1750s, the "officially sanctioned social myth" of the French state "stood in ruins" (p. 208). Why? What were the political, religious, and intellectual developments that led to this?

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